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About Jinises

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Jinises is the new way to search, connect and share, everything from movies, photos and music videos, to books, programs and social events, with friends and strangers from all over the world. We've designed a platform that enables you to search, network and share, all from one location.

Our news feeds are from all over the world and the maps are searchable. And our NEW audio/video private messaging system and user created chatrooms which makes connecting fast, easy and private. Movies, games, weather, sports and more. They are all available on the main member page. The one stop shop.

The goal of Jinises is to completely centralize functionality. All suggestions are welcome and if there is anything that we can do to make things easier, please feel free to let us know so we can continue to evolve.

Education and real social innovation is our main goal. We wish to put at least one book in every childs hand on this planet. The worlds population is more than 7 billion people and there is so much that we can learn from one another. Share your ideas, talents, experiences and dreams with others around the globe and learn from the resources provided by this site and the Jinises community. Help us change the world.

KIDS ZONE and Books

At Jinises, we believe that there is nothing more important than education. Books will be given to any child or parent that requests a book for a child. I'm working on programming that feature at the moment. One of our goals is to put at least one book in every childs hand. Our KIDS ZONE is currently under development but children of all ages are welcome to join now.


Jinises and the contents of this site are totally free and always will be. The faster this site grows, the more services we will be able to offer you. Free Telephone Technical Support (in english only for now) on electronic equipment and computer software/hardware will be provided to members with 300 friends or more. Although this site is for all ages, only certain members will have access to certain areas. This is for security reasons. We want this to be a safe environment for everyone and no one will be put at risk. People of all ages are welcome to join. Jinises reserves the right to discontinue any members access to the site at our discretion. All members will be able to participate in the prize giveaways and talent contest. This gives everyone a chance to win.


Jinises LLC

Michael Evans Founder and CEO

E. Diann White Co-Founder and CFO


   Andrew Nixon

   Andy Stanage

   Charles Anderson

   Fernando Ravira

   Haadiya Harihar

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