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Some features are only working for members in the USA. We're working on expanding coverage for those features.

Jinises Image Joining Jinises

You must be a member to use the services. Joining Jinises is easy. Click the Join button in the upper right corner of the log in page and join. You must already know a Jinises member to join the site. The information you provide is up to you. It's not required that you give accurate information but if you, for instance, forget your password, the password reset instructions will be sent to the email address that you signed up with.

Jinises Image Deleting your Jinises account

Deleting your Jinises profile is as simple as joining. Click on Edit settings from the drop down list in the toolbar and near the bottom of the page there is a form that asks for your password. Enter your password and it asks whether you're sure you want to delete your account or not. If you click "YES", all of your information is deleted from our databases. If you click "NO", then it returns you to your profile page.

Youtube Image Posting vidoes and links

Copy whatever is in the address bar of the page of your choice and paste it in the status text area and Press Submit. If you would like to add text with the video or link, type in whatever you want to say then press enter to start a new line and paste the link below your text then Press Submit.

Search Image Searching for a member or subject

To search for a member or subject, simply type in the first name, last name, username, email address or subject keyword in the search field at the top of any page. The search engine with locate all members or items related to the information you entered.

Entertainment Image Watching movies

To watch a movie, from the home page, click the movie button to start the movie application. Select from the movies listed or search for a movie by it's title. Click on the results and a description of the movie will appear with a list of other sites found that host the title. There will be several sites listed.

Friends Image Adding a friend

When adding a friend, go to that members profile page and click Befriend (members name). A request will be sent to the member. If he or she accepts that request, your name will be added to their list and theirs to yours. If the member declines, neither yours nor theirs will be added to each others list. It's a good practice to send the member a private message prior to sending a friend request.

Messages Image Sending private messages

While on the members page, click Message(members name) and a box will open. In that box, enter the message you want to send them in the text area, then click submit. The member will receive the message in their in box and will have the opportunity to reply to you.

Video Messages Image Audio/Video private messaging

You can start a audio/video call while private messaging without having to download anything. While in a messaging session, click "Start Video call". You will be asked if you want to give the page access to your audio and video devices. Click allow. The person that you're trying to establish a call with must be on that page as well. Once they click "start video call" on their end, you will be connected directly to one another. Neither video nor audio sessions are monitored or stored on our servers, for your privacy. You will be connected directly to the person you are having the conversation with, so make sure you trust the person that you engage with in video calls. If you are behind a firewall or using a proxy, the application might not be able to circumvent it and the call may not be established. This feature is only currently working with FireFox and Opera browsers, but we are working on making it available for other browsers.

Chat room Image Chat rooms

You can create a chat room by clicking the icon in the tool bar. Once the chatroom is created you can give the url to anyone you want to join the room. They must be a Jinises member to participate. In order to use the audio/video features, you must be using the latest versions of Chrome or Opera at the moment. The audio/video application connects all members of the chat room directly. Which means your audio/video transmissions are not stored on our servers. And this also means that the more users you have in the chat room the higher the latency of the transmissions. The processing power of your computer and the speed of your internet connection have a direct affect on the quality of your chat room and private messaging video call experience. We suggest that if you have a slow internet connection that you limit the number of users you allow in the chat room. If a cam is blacked out it means that a full connection to the other persons cam was not established. Both of you should refresh the page and this should solve the problem. If it does not, either both of your or one of you is behind a firewall that will not allow the connection, is using a browser other than Chrome or Opera or is using a proxy to connect to the internet.

Phone Image Sending Text messages

While on any page, click on the telephone in the Jinises tool bar. This will open a box. Fill in the phone number field, without dashes. No country code is needed. Here is an example a phone number in the United States 6143168402. Type in your message and click submit. The person will receive your text message along with the first and last name associated with your account. This is good for sending links that you want to share with someone personally. The person receiving the text will not be able to send a text back to you. A copy of the text message that you sent will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Albums Image Viewing photo albums

To view your own photos, click on the Albums Imagealbums icon. The icon is located right below your profile picture, between the Info imageInfo and Friend Book imagefriends icons. This will take you to your albums. Once there, you can either edit the album information, delete the album or click on the name of one of the albums and it will display the photos in that particular album. Do the same to view other members albums from their profile page. In order to upload a photo, there must be a album to contain the photo.

Studying Image Emoticons

You can add emoticons to statuses or comments. Type in the code for a particular smiley and it will be displayed in the post.

emoticon wink = ;) or ;-)
emoticon tongueout = :p or :-P
emoticon suprised = :O or :-O
emoticon Worried = :-S or :S or :-s or :s
emoticon crying = (cry) or (Cry)
emoticon straightfaced = :| or :-|
emoticon rollingeyes = 8| or 8-|
emoticon shhhh = :$ or :-$
emoticon yawn = (yawn)
emoticon thinking = :-?
emoticon clap = (clap)
emoticon praying = (pray)
emoticon liar = :^o
emoticon peace = (peace)
emoticon dance = \:D/
emoticon music = 0|^_^|0
emoticon wasnt me = ^#^
emoticon hurry = :!!
emoticon callme = :-c or :-C
emoticon wave = :-h or :-H
emoticon notlistening = %-(
emoticon yapping = :-@
emoticon hug = (:D) or (:d)
emoticon whistling = :-%
emoticon brokenheart = (broken)
emoticon rolling = (rolling)
emoticon party = (party)
emoticon bigsmile = :-D or :D
emoticon laughing = (HAHA) or (haha)
emoticon raisedeyebrow = (what)
emoticon crazy = 8-}
emoticon drooling =P~ or =p~
emoticon doh = #-0
emoticon rose = @};-
emoticon coffee = ~0)
emoticon hypnotized = @-)
emoticon exercise = []==[]
emoticon studying = ?@_@?
emoticon high5 = (high5)
emoticon blush = (blush)
emoticon giveup = (giveup)
emoticon cheer = ~^o^~ or ~^O^~
emoticon thumbsupsmiley = :-bd or :-BD or :-Bd or :-bD
emoticon dontwannasee = x_x or X_X
emoticon rock = \m/ or \M/
emoticon timeout = :-t or :-T
emoticon idontknow = (maybe)
emoticon star = (*)






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